Check out my work

Check out my work 


Original song, vocals, and piano/keyboard – Jodi Heights Bass, drums, audio, visual – Chris Georgenes A convenience […]


Jodi Heights - vocals and keyboard Chris Georgenes - drums, bass, audio & visual

Selfie Shootout

Really fun social game that combines the art of taking selfies and scavenger hunts with friends! The entire game was designed using Adobe Flash and Photoshop and built in Unity.

Echo Cove Photography

Logo design for a fun new company specializing in children and family photography. The client asked for a logo that evoked fun and personable branding.

Mathew McSilly

Character animation test for a private client project.

Sketch (ballpoint pen)

Ballpoint pen sketch (one of my favorite mediums)

Background Illustration

Background design for a marketing project to promote cash game competitions by GSN Games

At Last

"At Last" by Etta Jones as performed by Jodi Hitzhusen (piano & vocals), John Hargrave (bass), Ken Accardi (flumpet), Chris Georgenes (drums)

Bunny Animation Test

Animation test for an independent game featured in the book How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CC

Rocker Chick

Interactive character animation for a Facebook game called Rock FREE by Acclaim Games (defunct).


"Grotto" is a character I use for tutorials and as my guinea pig during Flash beta cycles. At one time he lived on my website and slept peacefully until woken up by hovering your cursor over him.

Luci Takes Her Medicine

Big Pink developed the 'Hold my Hand' campaign that featured a character called 'Modi-giraffe' who interacts with 'Luci' to show terminally ill children that taking your medicine will help you 'grow up big and strong'.

Holiday Animation Compilation

A compilation of my animated holiday cards over the years.

Meinl Byzance

Footage of my journey to acquire a Meinl 21" Byzance Extra Dry Mike Johnston Signature Transition Ride cymbal.

Brush animation

Special effect animation for GSN Game's Pyramid Solitaire built using Adobe Flash. This exact animation is a featured example in my book How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CC.