Adobe Animate CC

I'm a biased reviewer as I've been a Flash fanboy since the late 1990s.
Rebranding Flash was something Adobe needed to do since Apple decided not to support the Flash player. From that, the general public coined the phrase "Flash is dead" and those of us who know the difference between the player and the authoring tool realized that this is a falsehood that's not going to help the tool gain popularity.
Fast forward to about a month ago when I actually got a phone call from an Adobe friend who wanted to personally give me a heads up on the name change. I was impressed by this because they knew the news of rebranding the software I've been using for 20 years was potentially a touchy subject. But I couldn't have been more excited to hear that Adobe was going to change the name from Flash to Animate CC. Heck, they could have named it Adobe Beefcake CC for all I care as long as the tool itself continues to thrive.
Animate CC, for all intents and purposes is still "Flash". It has new and improved features which is nice but the biggest positive step with all of this is the solid foundation the application still has and rebranding is Adobe's way of ensuring us of their intent to further support and develop the product.
I've been on the prerelease for a very long time and I've constantly seen first hand how much the Animate CC team cares and supports the product. In recent years, every time I've heard someone say "Flash is dead" I roll my eyes at the thought of having to explain it for the umpteenth time that Flash is not dead and where the confusion for them lies. Ugh.
So yesterday marked a new beginning. A shedding of a skin for "Flash" and I for one think it's the best new "feature" this year; a new name. A new brand. A new life. A new audience. Maybe another 20 years.
So with that, Adobe rebrands the product with new features such as an additional brush that allows for custom strokes. 4K resolution support. There are more features worth mentioning and easiest to just go here:

I'm a fan. I have been and probably always will be. I love what Toon Boom is doing, I love learning programs like Spine and Anime Studio, but Animate CC holds a special place in my heart and maybe it's because I'm older and it's been a familiar face on my laptop for 20+ years. Something I can launch first thing in the morning and feel comfortable with all day long. Add a couple of new features every once in a while and I'll remain unequivocally content knowing I can continue to design, draw, storyboard, prototype, illustrate and animate anything I can think of, for a lot longer.