An author's perspective


This is what 392 pages of technical and copy edits looks like in hard copy form. I'm actually in this photo – buried underneath the pile of paper somewhere between chapters 9 and 10.

Character Design in Flash CC

hopperDesign is one thing, technique is another. Everyone has their own way of working in Flash, and there are many ways to go about designing in Flash. For this character I chose a technique that a friend and talented illustrator showed me. It involves using the Pencil tool with Object Drawing mode and the Union feature to combine multiple Object Drawings into a single object. I love her technique so much I’ve started to incorporate it more into my daily workflow.

Pencils, Pixels and the pursuit of Awesomeness.

A fresh start

Whoa whoa whoa! Yeah something happened, but it's all good. I'm changing things again.

New designs, new animations, a new book. It's all new and this is yet another growing pain. will be up and running again soon. In fact, my other website ( may soon redirect here as well so you are in the right place, just not at the right time.

If I don't blow it, there will be some cool stuff (imho) uploaded as soon as I stop breaking things.

For now, go watch Game of Thrones or something. I'm good.