About me

I started life like most humans, covered in placenta and with minimal motor skills. It wasn’t long before I developed enough coordination to play drums for a variety of bands for the next 40+ years. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Upon standing erect, I attended a fine arts school. Soon after earning my BFA the internet emerged as did a lot of software for creating graphics and motion. I embraced technology and applied my art training to the digital medium.

A popular publishing company asked me to write a book about designing and animating. That turned into several books. I’ve also been a featured speaker at many graphics conferences around the world where I’ve met countless like-minded people – many I consider some of my best friends.

I continue animating as Head of Interactive Design for Patient Discovery in Boston. I’m proud to be an Adobe Community Professional (ACP) and long time Animate CC pre-release BETA tester.

Shout out to my wonderful and supportive wife and 3 cool kids. The dogs remain questionable.

What I'm good at...

Animation 99%
Design 95%
Visual Storytelling 98%
Video Editing 93%
Audio Recording & Editing 91%
Photography 96%
Embracing Challenges 100%
Team Player 100%
Adapting Styles 100%